World Youth Day 2016



"This pilgrimage was such an amazing experience and I am so blessed to have been chosen to go. I really enjoyed learning about the history of Poland and seeing a new culture. I also really enjoyed the World Youth Day part. It was really touching seeing so many youth dedicate a week of their summer to go abroad for their faith. As a Lutheran, I also really enjoyed getting to learn more about the Catholic faith, practices, and traditions. I loved seeing all the ornate Catholic Churches in Poland. I appreciate everyone who donated to make this trip possible. Thank you!!"   - RACHEL SELEMAN

"I would like to thank everyone who donated money for us to go on this wonderful once in a lifetime experience. We learned a lot and experienced our faith from other youth from around the world. My life has definitely been changed by this trip greatly. From seeing the Pope to experiencing the great religious atmosphere I will make sure to never forget about this trip and to tell everyone i know about it. Thank you once again!"          - JAKUB CZOPIK

"I cannot express how meaningful every donation was. everything that went into making this trip a reality was completely worth it as you can see from how happy we all are talking about this trip. we are all very very thankful to the community of Terryville for making this experience of a lifetime possible."     - RILEY SULLIVAN

'Thank you to everyone who donated and prayed for our pilgrimage. It was an unforgettable experience that we will never forget."

"I would like to thank all the people who donated and supported us on the WYD 2016 pilgrimage. I would also like to thank Father Marcin for choosing me and my fellow pilgrims as representatives of the Roman Catholic Community of Terryville."   - SEBASTIAN ALVAREZ

"The trip was something I would never ever forget, it was every emotion and more. It was crazy, interesting and over all fun My favorite place wasn't something specific but it was going out everyday and meeting new people and interacting with them, I really enjoyed it because everyone was so friendly and outgoing. I want to thank Katrina and Father Marcin so much for doing everything they can to keep us happy and Safe. And to all of you guys for making this trip a complete success for us. Thank you to our community for their unwaivering love and support!"     - KAITLYN BEDNAZ

"The pilgrimage was great! It was millions of people all sharing the same passion about Jesus while roaming cities of a country with serious history. Just interacting with someone from a different culture was amazing, it could of just been for a couple of seconds but it was filled without malice, just happiness. Also, visiting all the historical spots around the three cities; Warsaw, Krakow, and Wroclaw was the closest that I've been to a profound history. Thank you all for your prayers and support!"  - CHRISTIAN ROBINSON

"I just want to thank every person that helped us raise money, donated, and/or worked really hard to make this pilgrimage possible. This pilgrimage has really effected my life and it has made me a better Catholic. It has made me want to further practice my faith and more so with in our parish community. This pilgrimage was a experience of a lifetime and I am honored and grateful to everyone who made it happen."   - JORDAN PILBIN





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