Activities Committee: The Activities Committee promotes involvement in the Parish Family through social interaction. We plan and coordinates social events and fundraising opportunities that promote our community spirit. Working on this committee is almost as much fun as the events they plan! Open to all interested members of the parish. We are always seeking fresh ideas and energy from new volunteers who join our group. 
Bereavement Ministry: The Bereavement Ministry will serve families who have lost a loved one to death. The members of the ministry are trained to successfully implement our mission to give comfort and support to the grieving families by giving them our time, hearing their thoughts and sharing their tears. Please contact the Parish Center if we can offer love, comfort and support to your family!
Catholic Women's Guild: The Women's Guild was organized on November 9, 1949 with the objective to foster greater devotion to the Blessed Mother, to be active in and work for the betterment of our Church, to promote a closer relationship among members, and to maintain loyalty to the Constitution of the United States. Today, the Women's Guild continues to build community among the women of our parish through spiritual, social and charitable activities. The Women’s Guild welcomes ALL parish women to join in our socials, fundraising events and outreach projects. Attending Women’s Guild events is a great opportunity to meet other parish women and find out more about the Guild. Meetings are generally held the third Monday of the month at The Lyceum at 7:00pm and include refreshements, business meeting, program, and review of upcoming events.  
Choir: Welcome to the world of "sung" prayer! Being part of the Music Ministry is a commitment to musical leadership. Participation in liturgy by being a member of the organized Choir requires a dedication to practice and determination to participate when scheduled for Mass or a special celebration. The Choir leads the music at either the 9:30 a.m. or 10:45 a.m. Sunday masses and for other special celebrations during the year. The Choir practices on the Monday evenings at 6 p.m. at Saint Casimir for the 9:30 a.m. mass or on Monday evenings at 7:30 p.m. at Immaculate Conception for the 10:45 a.m. mass. Visit us on Sunday, if you are interested in joining us!
Legion of Mary: The objective of our Legion is the glory of God through prayer and through active cooperation in both Mary's and the Church's evangelizing works. We do this through weekly visits to local nursing homes and assisted living facilities for recitation of the Rosary and distribution of Holy Communion. In addition, we make visits to homebound. New members are welcome to join us for our weekly meeting, every Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. at the Parish Center.
Liturgical Ministry: Many of the important Liturgical functions of our celebrations are entrusted to the laity, who are drawn from the community, trained by the parish, and entrusted with the sincere devotion and decorum expected of them by God's people. Lectors, Extraordinary Ministers of Communion, Altar servers, Ministers of Hospitality [Ushers and Greeters] and Music Ministers all exercise a genuine liturgical function and are an integral part of our celebrations. Lay ministers foster the mission of Christ that flows from baptism and put their gifts at the disposal of the community for the common good and in response to specific needs. Since the Second Vatican Council new opportunities have emerged for lay men and women in the Church. Please click the link above for more information on joining. 
Men's Club: Organized at the urging of Rev. Steve Ptaszynski, on May 29, 1985, the Men's Club's purpose is to strive for togetherness and friendship of our parish family. Today, the Men's Club strives to meet this objecitve through spriritual, social and financial contributions. If you are looking for an organization where you can support the Church with a little time here and a little time there, the Men’s Club is the organization for you. New members are always welcome. Meetings are generally held the third Monday of the month at The Lyceum at 7:00pm and include refreshements, business meeting, program, and review of upcoming events. 
Prayer Shawl Ministry: The mission of the Prayer Shawl Ministry is to bring the comfort and warmth of God's love to those who are suffering, and support and love to those who are experiencing a special joy in their lives. It is a unique way of reaching out to the community in a very tactile way. A prayer shawl can be seen as a symbolic "hug" from God. Each second Monday of the month, at 7 p.m., the knitters and crocheters gathers at the Parish Center to pray, meditate, knit or crochet, and enjoy fellowship.  New members are always welcome!
Religious Education: The goal of our Religious Education program is to assist families in teaching children the importance of God in their lives. Our team of trained volunteers supports parents and students by providing quality religious education in a nurturing, faith-filled environment. It is our belief that through a cooperative effort of parents, catechists, and students our children will strengthen their relationship with God and knowledge of their Catholic faith, develop their God-given gifts and talents, and live as contributing, respectable citizens through their commitment to service of others, as Catholics. We are always looking for volunteers to help as teachers or teachers assitants. Please contact us if you are interested!
Rosary Society: The first active ladies organization, the Sisters of the Rosary was established on July 1, 1908 to promote devotion to the Blessed Mother through prayer and spiritual deeds. Today, the Society promotes Christian life, virtue, and service. The Society fosters the spiritual development of its members and provides opportunities for friendship and community spirit through religious, social, cultural, and educational programs and events. The ladies participate in all Church celebrations and promote devotion to the Blessed Mother with a public recitation of the Rosary on the second Sunday of each month after 9:30 a.m. mass. All ladies of the parish are welcome to join!  
Youth Ministry: Youth Ministry encourages the youth of Saint Casimir and Immaculate Conception Churches to strengthen their relationship with God and their community through service and faith related events. Our goals are to inspire young people to share their unique gifts and responsibly participate in our parishes, to expand their understanding of the Catholic faith, and to provide an environment of fun, love, support, and acceptance. As we continue to grow and expand our programs and offerings, we invite you to join us or take part in one or more of our exciting events!