What are your talents? Have you thought about sharing these talents with your parish? We are always looking for altar servers, lectors, and vocalists for the choirs. Please prayerfully consider joining one of these important ministries.

The Roman Catholic Community of Terryville has partnered with Ministry Scheduler Pro, a volunteer scheduling system that allows you to serve when and where you are able.

Using the Ministry Scheduler Pro online system you're able to specify exactly what dates and service times best fit your schedule to volunteer. You’re also able to check your volunteer schedule from anywhere (even your phone!) and easily find a substitute when you can’t make one of your scheduled dates. Each volunteer has access to the MSP “Web Terminal” where individuals can update their general information, service preferences, and unavailable times online.

Download this User Web Terminal Guide for more details.


Altar Server Ministry. Altar Serving is responding to God’s call to serve at his table. It takes a special person to be an Altar Server. The Altar Server is invited by the faith community to assist the presider (Priest Celebrant) at Mass and other liturgies of the church. This prayerful service is one of several liturgical ministries. The word ministry means service. In order to serve at the Table of the Lord there are many different jobs and roles that the server needs to learn. Some of these skills are learned through practice but others include attitude and behavior.  The Altar Server Commitment 

  • The primary goal of Altar Server Ministry is to serve our parish by assisting at liturgies while engaging our parish’s youth in a service role.
  • An important task that requires commitment, dedication and responsibility while fostering maturity and independence in the youth who serve.

This is an opportunity for girls and boys who have made their First Communion and wish to serve God and our community by serving at Mass. If you are interested in joining the Altar Server Ministry, please sign-up HERE or contact the Parish Center. 


Lector Ministry. The lector is one who proclaims the scriptures at mass. While often referred to as a “reader”, the lector is so much more than this. Truly, the lector is proclaimer and prophet in ministry to the community assembled. For the reader merely recites words for the ear, but through a proclaimer the words come alive as God’s message to the heart. That is, words become the Word.
As a lector, you are not exalted at mass, but rather humbly serve this role and then blend back into oneness with the community. God calls you, precisely as you are, at this point in your life, to reach out to those assembled, precisely as they are, now. In this way, even though each passage has been read through Church history thousands upon thousands of times, each proclamation is yet completely new, and unique. If you are interested in joining the Lector Ministry, please sign-up HERE or contact the Parish Center. 

Music Ministry.  Music is a beautiful way in which the people of God lift their hearts in prayer through song.  It is indeed an art, a ministry, and a great way to experience and enrich your own spirituality.  Saint Augustine once said that “singing is praying twice” because it involves all that you are mentally, physically and spiritually.  God has given us the gift of music to minister to people everywhere especially in worship. 
New members are always welcome. St. Casimir Choir rehearses in their choir loft beginning at 6 p.m. Immaculate Conception Choir rehearses in their chior loft beginning at 7:30 p.m. Join us at our next rehearsal or please contact the Music Director or Parish Center, if you are interested in joining.