The Parish Center in Terryville has begun the process of moving the office to Thomaston.

As stated in the Merger Decree, “All historical documents and sacramental registers containing records of baptisms, confirmations, Eucharistic, marriages, and burials will hith- erto be preserved and conveyed to the offices of the newly merged parish at the premises of Saint Thomas Church, where they shall be faithfully preserved according to can- on 535, 1 - 5 of the Code of Canon Law.”

The Parish Center in Terryville will be closed, all records moved, and all Saint Maximilian Kolbe Parish business will be conducted in Thomaston. The date of the move has yet to be determined but will occur within the next month.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Parish Center. We will keep you updated as we make the necessary changes regarding the merging of our parishes. Thank you for your prayers and patience as we develop our new Saint Maximilian Kolbe campus.

~ Rev. Joseph Crowley