"The matrimonial covenant, by which a man and a woman establish between themselves a partnership of the whole of life, is by its nature ordered toward the good of the spouses and the procreation and education of offspring; this covenant between baptized persons has been raised by Christ the Lord to the dignity of a sacrament." (CCC 1601)

Planning to get Married? Congratulations!

We rejoice with you! We hope you will use this special time to deepen your relationship. A wedding is only for a day; a marriage is for a lifetime. Some people wish to marry at in one of our parishes; others wish to be married elsewhere. Some mixed-religion couples wish to be married by a minister or rabbi, but want their marriage recognized by the Church. Whatever your circumstances, we wish to assist.

Can anyone prepare for marriage at the Roman Catholic Community of Terryville? 

Sorry, we can’t prepare everyone, but we can help those who are:

  • Already registered parishioners (at least one year) or someone who lives within the parish boundaries;
  • A Roman Catholic who has the permission of your own pastor;
  • Someone who has a special circumstance. Please write a letter explaining your circumstances and secure, at a later date, the permission of your own pastor.
How long does it take? 

The Archdiocese requires a six-month preparation period.

What if we plan to get married at another parish?

We will prepare your required paperwork here and send it to the parish where you will be married. 

Please contact the Parish Center, 860-583-4697 or, to schedule an appointment, to discuss your upcoming marriage!